Your life. Your style. Your space, reimagined

With a specialization in kitchens and baths, madDesigns provides interior design that is as functional as it is beautiful.

It starts with asking questions. A million of them. Okay, not quite. How do you use the space? How would you prefer to? What are the challenges? What do you love? And madDesigns does what we do best. Listen. 

Based on your thoughts, your ideas, your hopes, we create designs that let you see how your space could work. Yes, drawings. You see, we create by hand. It helps us really see your space and how it can come to life.
With your feedback and guidance, we finalize materials, fixtures and suppliers to complete the look. During the process, we collect inspiring images, ideas and thought starters that we build together, so your newly reinvented space is truly yours.
For more information or to schedule a complimentary first visit, please call Maggie of madDesigns at 412.477.3243.

North Cumberland Kitchen


Form. Function. Beauty. Brains. It’s all there in the heart of the home.

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We love making bathrooms work for everyone using them.

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Walk in Closet Bath


We put design’s best practices to use in your spaces.

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We enjoy brainstorming, advising and guiding your dream spaces.

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Beacon Bath Two


Pittsburgh’s fabulous older homes are ripe for reimagining.

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